Cloud Microphysics

 Table of contents

1.- Goal of CMIC product 
2.- CMIC algorithm summary description 
3.- List of inputs for CMIC 
4.- Coverage and resolution
5.- Description of CMIC outputs
6.- Example of CMIC visualisation

Access to "Algorithm Theroretical Basis Document for Cloud Products Processors of the NWC/GEO" for a more detailed description.

4.- Coverage and resolution

The CMIC software has been designed to allow the processing at satellite IR full spatial resolution of any rectangular areas defined by the user inside the MSG full disk (the processing of the MSG full disk is also possible). The validity of the CMIC product is commited inside the MSG full disk.

Cloud phase is available for all illuminations whereas all the other quantities are computed ony in daytime conditions.

6.- Example of CMIC visualisation

It is important to note that the CMIC product is not just images, but numerical data. At first hand, the CMIC is rather thought to be used digitally (together with the appended quality flags) as input to mesoscale analysis models, objective Nowcasting schemes, but also in the extraction of other SAFNWC products such as precipitation.

Colour palettes are included in CMIC NetCdF files, thus allowing an easy visualisation of cloud top effective radius (as illustrated on the SEVIRI example), optical thickness, phase, liquid and ice water path.

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SEVIRI CMIC cloud cloud top effective radius using the colour palette included in CMIC NetCdF files.