Users' Presentations

Author NMS Title Doc.
Albert, P. DWD (Germany)

Application of the NWC-SAF software for climate monitoring (Abstract only)

Becker, R. DWD (Germany)

The use of NWCSAF software products at the German Weather Service: forecast branch and numerical weather prediction (Abstract only)

Cano, D. & J. I. Palacio INM (Spain)

Use of Layer Precipitable Water product of the NWCSAF/MSG for the nowcasting of fog in La Mancha region of Spain

Fernández, J.M. et al. INM (Spain)
Experience on Use of SAFNWC Products at INM
Hultgren, P. SMHI (Sweden)

Experiences from using SAF NWC PPS Cloud Products and Mesoscale Cloud Analysis for Nowcasting using MESAN

Moreira, N. IM (Portugal)

The use of SAFNWC products at Instituto de Meteorologia (IM), Portugal

Putsay, M. et al. OMS (Hungary)

Experiences on the interpretation and some test results of the SAFNWC/MSG program package products at the Hungarian Meteorological Service