NWC SAF 2010 Users' Workshop Announcement

Workshop objectives:
This workshop is devoted to assess the applicability and usefulness of the NWC SAF products in the current phase (CDOP) and to revise the proposals for further developments, in order to collect the user requirements for the next phase (CDOP-2) with special focus on MTG and post-EPS.

Workshop Date:
26-28 April 2010, starting and ending at 14:00

Hotel Zurbano, Zurbano, 79-81(metro Gregorio Marañón)
28003 Madrid
Draft Agenda:
First day (afternoon session)
Second day (morning and afternoon sessions)

Third day (morning session)

    15 March 2010: deadline for applications and abstracts
    1 April 2010: distribution of workshop programme and list of participants
    26-28 April 2010: Workshop in Madrid
Intended Attendants: Expected scientist administrators of the Nowcasting SAF (both packages MSG and PPS) applications and final users. No more than two attendants per Organization expected. 

Registering applications: Please download the registration form here or at the main 2010 Users Workshop page: http://www.nwcsaf.org/2010_Users_Workshop_Open.html