Canaries, 26.10.2016. Solution


  1. In this case, the RDT and CRR, CRR-Ph product can be useful. With these tools, the exact localization of the storm could be predicted from one to a few hours in advance.

RDT Product 26.10.2016 at 0645Z

Cells can be seen tracked with RDT. Similar to a radar.

CRR-Ph Product at 0900Z

Before this time there is no CRR-Ph product because it is dark

NWP Forecast Accuracy

  2. No, the model did not predict storms in Gran Canaria or La Gomera.

Radar 26.10.2016 at 09Z

Lightning 26.10.2016 from 00Z to 24Z

CRR-Ph Product at 1215Z



2. Models seem to leave the central island (Gran Canaria) without precipitation.