NWCSAF Software Delivery Conditions

Nowcasting SAF User Policy

  • All current National Meteorological Services within the EUMETSAT Member States and Co-operating States and those who in a future shall become EUMETSAT Member States or Co-operating States, will be automatically considered potential users. 
  • Any other Organisation or individual person may apply to become a user through the Leading Entity (emailing to NWC SAF Manager pripodasa@aemet.es and safnwchd@aemet.es). Decision will be taken by the Nowcasting SAF according to the EUMETSAT Data Policy affecting the Nowcasting SAF and will be communicated to the intended user accordingly.


Software Delivery Procedure

  • Software Delivery will be allowed to users according a Licence Agreement that must be duly signed by both EUMETSAT, represented by the Leading Entity (AEMET), and the applicant user Institution Authority. 
  • Once the Licence Agreement shall be signed, Leading Entity shall contact the User Focal Point providing access credentials to the SAFNWC Help Desk (nwc-saf.eumetsat.int) restricted user area being allowed to download the software. Licence Agreement will allow to download both SAFNWC/MSG and SAFNWC/PPS SW packages. 
  • The Software is made available to the User free of charge. Neither EUMETSAT, its Member States nor the NWC SAF Consortium are liable for the usefulness or proper functioning of the Software, nor do they accept any liability for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, of any use of the Software or for any results related to the use of the Software or for any right or claims by third parties related to all or any part of the Software or its use.
    The User shall not assign or transfer any right to use all or part of the Software to any third party without the prior written consent of EUMETSAT. Any relocation of all or part of the Software to another place or redistribution of all or part of the Software to any third party shall require the prior written consent of EUMETSAT. 


NWCSAF Pre-existing Software





27 July 2017

NWC SAF Pre-existing SW