Spain, 12.10.2016. Solution

On this day, there were very intense precipitations near Barcelona in a location named Cabrils. A total of 220 mm were registered here. Almost all of the precipitation fell in an afternoon, starting at approximately 15Z. Effects of this rain can be seen in this video



Precipitation of automatic weather stations give an overview of the geographical distribution of rain

Precipitation from Gauges



1. Do NWC SAF Products help in this situation?


Cloud top heights are relatively low in this situation

CTTH Product at 17Z

RDT product vaguely catches the convective cell

RDT at 17Z

CR-Ph precipitation product picks up something at 15Z but afterwards is becomes dark and there is no CR-Ph product

CR-Ph at 15Z


CRR product shows a small signal

CRR at 17Z


NWC SAF products do not seem to capture well this situation. NWP models also did not seem to locate the place of the storm. A Radar would become handy.