NWC/GEO v2021 Software Output Products

The software package NWC/GEO v2021 has been developed by NWC SAF for the near real time generation of a set of meteorological products to support Nowcasting activities.

The output product images that you can find below, as a reference to what users can obtain with the NWC SAF GEO v2021, have been generated using SEVIRI satellite data and ECMWF IFS NWP model.

NWP model characteristics: Model runs 00Z and 12Z; step=6 hours; grid=0.5; levelist=sfc/1000/925/850/700/500/400/300/250/200/150/100/70/50/30/10

** The NWC SAF doesn’t provide the products directly, the NWC SAF provides the software and the support to run the software to obtain all nowcasting products.