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You Already Have the Answer

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Every day I am reminded that the answers to my problems are right in front of me.

Example #1: I’ve been driving a rental car all summer, sitting in traffic and suffering through mediocre radio stations. I often thought: “I wish I had satellite radio. Then I could listen to talk shows and great music without commercials.” I finally decided to look closely at the console and I saw that I did indeed have satellite radio. I jammed out to new music I’d never heard and howled at stand-up comedy routines for a week before having to turn in the car.

Example #2: I love working from home, having control over my own schedule, and deciding with whom and how I’ll work every day. I once said to a friend who designs websites, “Why work for someone else when you can sustain yourself with your website business? If I had a skill like that, I would definitely work for myself!” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I realized that I do have marketable skills that could make me money. That’s why I’m going to start doing admissions coaching again as well as dedicating time to building up this blog. I have big visions for my Crazy Girl Nation.

Example #3: I was looking so hard for a great guy that I looked right past one! I’ve already told the story of how I overlooked Mr. C as a potential mate when I first met him. I just want to reflect again upon how easy it could have been to miss a special opportunity because I was so busy looking but not seeing.

What are the places in your life where you seek answers without realizing that the answer is right in front of you?

What thoughts keep popping into your mind that you ignore, saying to yourself that you’ll attend to it later?

Is there some annoyance that keeps happening in your life? Why haven’t you tried to fix it?

The next time you find yourself saying, “I wish…” or “If only…” see if your wish can come true! It’s not hard to get what you want if you know what you want and take time to pursue getting what you want. It may be as easy as sharing your desire with people who may be able to help you. It may be as simple as slowing down and really observing your surroundings. All the answers to your problems are right in front of you.

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