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pack a suitcase for your family holiday

How to pack a suitcase for your family holiday
The family holiday is the moment to connect all members in your family. This is the time for everybody to relax and understand together after working as well as studying hard. It is so exciting and unforgettable! However, the cautious problem in here is that you do not know how many items you should pack for your vacation. We will support you by giving some wise advice.
Here are some tips including do’s and don’ts for how to pack a suitcase for your family holiday:

  1. DO pack light. Bring items which are really important. It is the fact that you can only carry half of what you consider you will need and even that they can make up much more than you expect. When you pack for the children, let’s pack with complete garments in your mind. Therefore, you should stuff: T-shirts, pants or jeans + underwear+ socks. They are just enough for your children without worrying or being the lack of clothes.
  2. DO put a record of your holiday schedule in each item of a suitcase. You should add flight details, home or hotel address. In case of losing your suitcase, after that the airline or hotel can know where they find you by the information you gave. If you do not find a record of your schedule, as a result, you get a record in another luggage.
  3. DO check again your passports, visa to Vietnam (if you travel to Vietnam) or your approval letter if you use Vietnam visa on arrival service.
  4. DO classify each person’s garments among all your luggage. With this trick, if a suitcase is disappeared, one member will not lose everything and get a change of garments. Besides, you can want to have an entire change of garments in your suitcase.
  5. DO deliver each kid their own container to bring their special things inside. An exactly sized knapsack is simple for children to control. They can match it with toys to take use of time their time during a long-lasting flight.
  6. DO bring sunscreen. Tourist destinations will require you to pay an expensive fee for it. If you go abroad, you will know the quality of sunscreen, particularly in developing countries. Besides, you do not forget to lay it in your checked-in baggage and not carry-on. Nobody likes a hodge-podge in their bag!
  7. DO utilize packing cubes. In our situation, each mature has two and each child has one. These permits us to stuff enough garments for 3 to 4 days. The cubes contain many advantages of arranging our garments. They make effects when you want to lay each member’s items in the true room.
  8. DO restrict your colors. You should bring any items which contain colors you like. Colorful clothes also look young and fashionable and you can mix many colors in a suit even if they match and do not make a mess.
  9. DO “throw” formality. Remember that your family are enjoying and relaxing with the holiday. You need comfort and convenience. Therefore, choose clothes which are easy and simple to wear or maybe you can add some fancy dresses for sweet evenings. You should not worry too much and make the problem become complicated. All members are always “beautiful” under eyes of each person in the family.
  10. DO give up shoes which are unpractical. Is bringing too many shoes are needed on a trip? Each member only carries one pair of sneakers to do activities such as playing a game or claim mountain and etc.., one pair of simple sandals, and one pair of elegant shoes for dancing in the evening. Cautiously! No heels: Because it is easy to be worn on bumpy and uneven terrain, it is not permitted to appear in your luggage.
  11. DO carry first aid kit. In the case of the bad situation such as an accident or getting hurt, your family needs to have first aid kit to treat first before going to the hospital. Besides, you need to bring several medical things or drugs which can be not simple to find in foreign.
  12. DO bring a linen blanket. If your family goes on holiday on the beach or mountain and etc…, we make sure that your family will need to have a linen blanket to organize a picnic. Besides, a linen blanket can also do double as a sarong for the occasional church where they do not permit tourists in shorts. In addition, you can take use of it to stuff breakable things on the way back home.
  13. DON’T lay everything into a family-size luggage. It is not only difficult to pull around a weighty suitcase, but also you can get hurt on your back! That feeling is not happy anyway. Therefore, you should use two medium-sized wheeled pieces of luggage.
  14. DON’T carry full-sized bottles of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. They will make your suitcases weighty and bulky. You only need to get medium-capacity bottles to save the space. Because they appear in any department at the destination you visit. Almost these products have a mini pack to bring when going on business and vacation.
  15. DON’T stuff at the last seconds. We make sure that you do not like the feeling you suddenly disremember to stuff much-needed teddy bear, drug or the handy DVD player for the children. To make it better, make a list of items you will be putting then tick them off as you pack them in the luggage.
  16. DON’T leave sun hats and sunscreen. If you do not bring sun hats, you must purchase them at first stops and they are not so cheap as you buy at home. Perhaps they do not match you and your family and you do not feel pleasant with shape and style.
  17. DON’T refuse electronic devices. Books are good to read at home, however, on the way you depend on lightweight iPods and iPad Minis. They will help your family entertain and feel not bored during the flight. Because electronic devices consist of too much information as well as exciting games for all members in the family. They suit for hobbies of each person.