Project Team Presentations

Product Validation Presentations
Author Title  
L.F. López-Cotín (INM, Spain)

Plan and objective for the Workshop

H. Legleau, M. Derrien (Météo-France, France)

Validation of SAFNWC/MSG Cloud Products

A. Dibbroe et al. (SMHI, Sweden)

Validation of PGE04-MSG Precipitating Clouds Product

A. Rodríguez (INM, Spain)
Validation of PGE05-MSG Convective Rainfall Rate
P. Fernández (INM, Spain)

Validation of PGE06 Total Precipitable Water

M.A. Martínez, M Velázquez (INM, Spain)

Validation of PGE07 & PGE08 Layer Precipitable Water and Stability Analysis Imagery

J. García (INM, Spain)

Validation of PGE09 High Resolution Winds

A. Wirth (ZAMG, Austria)

Validation of PGE10 Automatic Satellite Image Interpretation

Y. Guillou (Météo-France, France)

Validation of PGE11 Rapid Development Thunderstoms

A. Jann  (ZAMG, Austria)

Validation of PGE12 Air Mass Analysis

A. Dibbroe et al.(SMHI, Sweden)

Validation of SAFNWC/PPS Products

User Survey Presentations
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M. Manso (INM, Spain)

NWC SAF/MSG User Survey Results

A. Thoss et al.(SMHI, Sweden)

NWC SAF/PPS User Survey Results