Spain, 23.10.2016. Description


Synoptic situation

Heavy precipitation and strong winds are expected


NWP Fields

Temperature and Pressure fields at 300 hPa expected at 12Z from 00Z forecast

Hi Fields


Sea Level Pressure field expected at 12Z from 00Z forecast


Forecasted Total Precipitation between 00Z and 24 Z, forecasted at 00Z


Forecasted Wind Gusts between 00Z and 24Z, forecasted at 00Z


Forecasted Environment Favoring Intense Precipitation


Forecasted Wind Gusts

Forecasted Wind Gusts Loop


NWC SAF Products


HRW Loop

RDT Loop

CI Loop

iSHAI bl Loop

iSHAI ml Loop

iSHAI hl Loop

iSHAI tpw Loop

iSHAI diffbl Loop

iSHAI diffml Loop

iSHAI difftpw Loop

CRR Loop

CRR-Ph Loop



  1. Is the circulation at different levels noticeable by the Cloud Tops product (CTTH)?
  2. Are the model fields consistent with the observed winds from satellite (HRW)?
  3. Is the moisture river confirmed from satellite (iSHAI bl)? Is it consistent with the model?
  4. The precipitation observed from the satellite (CRR-Ph): does it match what the model predicted? Is it consistent with rain gauges? 


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