NWCSAF CDOP3 Users' Workshop 2020


Workshop Information


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Requirements for the NWCSAF

Due to the exceptional circumstances in which the NWCSAF users' Workshop took place, we had no time to discuss directly with the users and collect requirements from them for the next years. This kind of information is very important to us and will have an impact on the future developments of the NWCSAF. This is why I encourage you to contribute to a google drive document (here) where we are collecting users requirements. Please provide information about:

-Usefulness of the NWCSAF products for you/your institution.

-Improvement suggestions to current products.

-Needs of new products.

-Who/Which institution is providing the requirements.

We will keep the document open one more week till 15th of April.

In case you do not feel confortable providing your information in the google doc, you can also provide it writing an e-mail without deadline to pripodasa@aemet.es with jllisov@aemet.es and vbartolomec@aemet.es in copy, indicating "requirements" in the subject. 


Additional information

*The assistance to the workshop is free, so there is no registration fee

*The language use during the workshop will be English.

Please, do not hesitate to ask for any related information to the NWCSAF Project Manager Pilar Rípodas (pripodasa@aemet.es) with copy to Llorenç Lliso (jllisov@aemet.es) and Víctor Bartolomé (vbartolomec@aemet.es).