NWCSAF CDOP3 Users' Workshop 2020



Workshop Objectives

This workshop is devoted to assess the applicability and usefulness of the NWC SAF products in the current phase (CDOP-3) and to revise the proposals for further developments in order to collect the user requirements for the next phase (CDOP-4). The Workshop is specially focused on MTG and EPS-SG new generation satellites.


Workshop Date and Venue

It takes place at Madrid, Spain on 10-12 March 2020.


Workshop Sessions

1) NWC SAF Services.

2) NWC SAF Products presented by developers:
• Description.
• CDOP3 future evolution.
• CDOP4 perspective.

3) Users' Presentations about how they use the satellites for nowcasting in their institutions and how they do nowcasting in their institution.

4) Users' Presentations on the use of NWC SAF products (special interest in users’ feedback: usefulness, improvement suggestions, case studies, validation studies).

5) User Survey results

6) Users – developers' discussion to define requirements for CDOP-4.


Dead line for Abstracts

22 December 2019. Please send abstracts to Pilar Rípodas (pripodasa@aemet.es) with copy to Llorenç Lliso (jllisov@aemet.es) and Víctor Bartolomé (vbartolomec@aemet.es).


Dead line for Applications

31 January 2020.


Intended Attendants

Scientist, administrators and final users of the Nowcasting SAF products (both packages GEO and PPS).


Registering applications

A registration form will be provided in due time.  


Housing and additional information

Detailed information will be available with the second announcement at the NWC SAF web site

*The assistance to the workshop is free, so there is not a training fee to attend there. 
*The language using during the workshop will be English because many users come from different countries.


Please, do not hesitate to ask for any related information to the NWCSAF Project Manager Pilar Rípodas (pripodasa@aemet.es) with copy to Llorenç Lliso (jllisov@aemet.es) and Víctor Bartolomé (vbartolomec@aemet.es).