NWCSAF CDOP3 Users' Workshop 2020


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Requirements for the NWCSAF

Due to the exceptional circumstances in which the NWCSAF users' Workshop took place, we had no time to discuss directly with the users and collect requirements from them for the next years. This kind of information is very important to us and will have an impact on the future developments of the NWCSAF. This is why I encourage you to contribute to a google drive document (here) where we are collecting users requirements. Please provide information about:

-Usefulness of the NWCSAF products for you/your institution.

-Improvement suggestions to current products.

-Needs of new products.

-Who/Which institution is providing the requirements.

We will keep the document open one more week till 15th of April.

In case you do not feel confortable providing your information in the google doc, you can also provide it writing an e-mail without deadline to pripodasa@aemet.es with jllisov@aemet.es and vbartolomec@aemet.es in copy, indicating "requirements" in the subject. 


Workshop Presentations & Posters


Session I: EUMETSAT satellite data to enhance service for users
Author Title Link

E. de Coning (WMO)

Utilization of satellite data to enhance services for users – World Weather Research Programme perspective.

S. Bonjinski (EUMETSAT)

User preparation for next-generation EUMETSAT meteorological satellites (MTG, EPS-SG).

L. Schüller (EUMETSAT) 


P. Rípodas (AEMET)

NWC SAF overview.

X. Calbet (AEMET)

NWC SAF GEO products. Outlook into MTG era.

B. Viticchie (EUMETSAT)

Meteosat Third Generation Lightning Imager: instrument, data processing, and products.

A. Diamandi (NMA)


Session II: NWCSAF Cloud products
Author Title Link

G. Kerdraon (MFL)

Cloud mask and type improvements in the frame of the CDOP4.

S. Péré (MFL)

Suspended dust flag produced by SAFNWC-GEO software.

J.M. Lalande (MFL)

Cloud thermodynamic phase retrieval from Meteosat Third Generation infrared channels.

M. Díez (AEMET)

Assimilation of NWC SAF GEO Cloud products in NWP model in AEMET.

B. Legras (IPSL)

The impact of Asian monsoon convection as seen from combining the SAFNWC cloud products and Lagrangian calculation using ERA5 reanalysis.

M. Turpin (Reuniwatt)

Geographic Information System for the analysis and forecast of spatio-temporal configurations of cloud occurrences.

Session III: Posters
Author Title Link

M.A. Revuelta (AEMET)

Comparison of Nowcasting SAF precipitation products with OPERA radar data.

N. Kutaladze (LEPL)

NWC/GEO application for Georgia.

C. Messager (EXWEX)

A top/bottom atmosphere convection monitoring and forecast system over ocean.

Session IV: NWCSAF Precipitation and Convection products
Author Title Link

J.M. Moisselin (MFT)

NWCSAF Convection Products.

J.A. Lahuerta (AEMET)

Satellite derived precipitating products based on a Principal Component Analysis.

A. Roberts (U. of Leeds)

NWCSAF for nowcasting in the GCRF African SWIFT project.

P. Hill (U. of Reading)

Evaluation of CRR and RDT performance in tropical Africa.

C. Dione (ACMAD)

Development of new products at ACMAD: Nowcasting vigilance of precipitation over Africa.

A.Karagiannidis (NOA)

Validation of the NWC SAF CRR product over the Greek area using rain gauge data ground truth.

Session V: NWCSAF Wind, Extrapolated Imagery and Conceptual Model products
Author Title Link

J. García-Pereda (AEMET)

NWCSAF/High Resolution Winds AMV software status in 2020 and plans for CDOP-4.

A. Jann (ZAMG)

The Extrapolated Imagery (EXIM) product.

A. Jann (ZAMG)

ASII-GW Automatic Satellite Image Interpretation – Gravity Waves.

Session VI: NWCSAF Satellite Humidity and Instability products 
Author Title Link

T. August (EUMETSAT)

Status of regional IASI L2 products at EUMETSAT and application studies in view of MTG-IRS.

M.A. Martínez (AEMET)

Preparation of MTG era: developing of imager and sounder nowcasting products and services for pre-convection phase.

N. Peinado (AEMET)

Nowcasting SAF sounding Satellite Humidity And Instability indices sSHAI nonlinear retrieval of atmospheric vertical profiles from MTG-IRS data.

Session VII: Visualization and use of NWCSAF products with ADAGUC 
Author Title Link

J.L. Lliso (AEMET)

Advanced visualization of the NWCSAF products through ADAGUC.

O. Nicola (NMA)

Using ADAGUC for NWCSAF products visualization at NMA.

J.L. Lliso (AEMET)

AEMET NWCSAF Products Testbed for Aviation Forecasters.

Session VIII: NWCSAF PPS Polar products
Author Title Link

N. Håkansson (SMHI)

Science news of PPS-v2018 and in CDOP-4.

S. Hörnquist (SMHI)

Technical news of PPS-v2018 and in CDOP-4.

A. Thoss (SMHI)

Microwave Processing Package for EPS-SG-B satellite (PPS-MW).

A. Dybbroe (SMHI)

Pytroll supporting the NWCSAF.

Session X: Application of NWCSAF products
Author Title Link

M. Putsay (OMSZ)

Applications of the NWCSAF Products at the Hungarian Meteorological Service.

C. Barroso (IPMA)

Operational usage of NWC SAF Packages at IPMA and future requirements.

W.W. Wong (HKO)

Use of NWC SAF products at Hong Kong Observatory.

E. Collino (RSE SpA)

Exploiting of NWCGEO CT and EXIM packages for irradiation estimation: analysis and validation.

R. Hinz (DEIMOS)

EO-ALERT: Very-Low Latencies for Convective Storm Nowcasting Based on a Next Generation Satellite Processing Chain.

Session XI: Outcome of NWCSAF survey
Author Title Link

V. Bartolomé (AEMET)

 NWCSAF Services, Operations & Users' Survey 2019.


Additional information

*The assistance to the workshop is free, so there is no registration fee

*The language use during the workshop will be English.

Please, do not hesitate to ask for any related information to the NWCSAF Project Manager Pilar Rípodas (pripodasa@aemet.es) with copy to Llorenç Lliso (jllisov@aemet.es) and Víctor Bartolomé (vbartolomec@aemet.es).