Convective Rainfall Products for Aviation (GEO v2018)

CRR (Convective Rainfall Rate) and CRR-Ph (Convective Rainfall Rate based on Microphysical Properties)

Convective Rainfal Rate products provide users with instantaneous rain rates (mm/h) associated with convective clouds and stratiform clouds related to convective episodes.

Applications related to Aviation

• Depiction of areas with heavy rain associated to storm clouds and tracking storm cells.

• As heavy rain comes from cumulonimbus and towering cumulus it gives an idea of areas of possible icing and turbulence associated to these clouds.

• It can be useful for a safe take-off and landing operations.

• Let users know the severity of a storm cell.


• CRR tends to overestimate the precipitation area and underestimate the rain rates.

• CRR-Ph does not well detect low top warm tops at night-time. Sometimes the rain area is overestimated due to the cold cirrus extension at high levels associated with developed convective clouds also at night-time.  


Images related to CRR, CRR-Ph and RFR (National Radar Composition) to Spain at 14:00 UTC. The units of the colour legend are in mm/h.


At day time CRR-Ph gives a more accurate and detailed information.


More Information

To know more: CRR description and CRR-Ph description or the tab "Science" at 

Real time displays of Precipitation products with MSG satellites over Europe and the Mediterranean Sea are available at: