NWC SAF 2015 Users’ Workshop Presentations
24-26 February 2015, Madrid (Spain) 

Welcome Session presentations

Author Title  
P. Rípodas (AEMET, Spain)  “Workshop Plan and Objectives” 
L. Schüller (EUMETSAT)  “EUMETSAT SAF Network”   
J. Grandell (EUMETSAT)  “MTG Program: MTG-LI” 
Session I presentations
Author Title  
J. Grandell (EUMETSAT)  “MTG Program: MTG-FCI” 
S. Tjemkes (EUMETSAT) “MTG Program: MTG-IRS” 
P. Schlüssel (EUMETSAT) “EPS-SG Observation Missions”
P. Rípodas (AEMET, Spain)  “SAFNWC/GEO package: An overview”
Session II presentations
Author Title  
S. Hörnquist (SMHI, Sweden) “SAFNWC/PPS package: An overview”
A. Sánchez (AEMET, Spain)  “SAFNWC/GEO Operations and Reference System”
A. Dybbroe (SMHI, Sweden)  “SAFNWC/PPS Operations and Reference System”
H. Le Gleau & G. Kerdraon (Météo- France, France) “SAFNWC/GEO Cloud Products”
N. Håkanson & R. Scheirer (SMHI, Sweden)  “SAFNWC/PPS Cloud Products”
Session III presentations
Author Title  
C. Marcos (AEMET, Spain) “SAFNWC/GEO Precipitation Products”
A. Thoss (SMHI, Sweden) “SAFNWC/PPS Precipitation Products” 
J. García-Pereda (AEMET, Spain) “SAFNWC/High Resolution Winds Product”
M.A. Martínez (AEMET, Spain) “MSG Clear Air Products. Evolution to the MTG era”
Session IV presentations
Author Title  
A. Jann (ZAMG, Austria)  “The EXIM Product”
A. Wirth (ZAMG, Austria)  “ASII-NG: development and outlook”
J.M. Moisselin (Météo-France, France) “Convection Products”
E. de Coning (South African Weather Service, South Africa)  “Using the Nowcasting SAF products over South Africa and southern Africa to enhance nowcasting capabilities in data sparse regions”
Session V presentations
Author Title  
M. Sassi (MeteoSwiss, Switzerland) “Using webcam imaging to validate the NWC SAF Cloud Top Temperature and Height (CTTH) product during fog and low stratus clouds (FLS) conditions over Switzerland & Identification of developing thunderstorms and convective intensity forecast with COALITION: validation and forecasters’ feedbacks from operational service”
M. Putsay (Hungarian Meteorological Service) “Applications of the NWCSAF products at the Hungarian Meteorological Service”
C. Batstone, (Met Office, UK) “Results of the AMV assimilation at the Met Office”
M. Putsay (Hungarian Meteorological Service) “The use of the High Resolution Winds in the AROME mesoscale model at Hungarian Meteorological Service”
Session VI presentations
Author Title  
J.M. Fernández-Serdan (AEMET, Spain) “Recent experience on use of NWC SAF for operational nowcasting purposes at AEMET – Spain” 
C. Barroso (LSA SAF, Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera) “The use of NWC SAF products in the scope of the LSA SAF and as nowcasting tool at the Portuguese Met Service: strengths and caveats”
H. Roquet (OSI SAF, Météo-France) “Use of NWC SAF software by the OSI SAF for cloud processing: current status and future needs”
Session VII presentations
Author Title  
O. Nicola (National Meteorological Administration, Romania) “NWCSAF at NMA: Evolution of the processing chain and visualization of the products”
O. Nicola (National Meteorological Administration, Romania) “Using ADAGUC for NWCSAF products visualization at NMA – a test case”

Eun-Ha Sohn (KMA, Korea)

"NWCSAF Products in NMSC/KMA"

I. Pelagic (MHS; Croatia)

“Evaluation of NWC SAF Precipitation Products for the Adriatic Region”

M. Putsay (Hungarian Meteorological Service) “Presenting NWCSAF products, activities by EUMeTrain”
Session VIII presentations
Author Title  
J. Asmus (DWD, Germany) “Using NWCSAF Products in the Weather Forecasting Process at DWD”
A. Sánchez (AEMET, Spain)  “2014 Users' Survey results”